Mae Orwell writes comedic, near-future sci fi for fans of Douglas Adams and Aldous Huxley. She particularly enjoys reading and writing dystopian fiction that’s heavy on satire and absurdist elements. Her idols include Adams, Atwood, Cline, King, that other King, Krilanovich, Levithan, Nabokov, and of course, Rowling. Her debut series, WATCHERS, is 1984 meets reality TV.

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Daniel is a Senator’s son, a member of the elite… and he’s just been disowned for choosing his gender transition over his father’s political campaign. When he becomes the target of a scandal-hungry TV producer, a street-smart girl tries to help him and they both become participants on the nation’s most brutal game show where winning is the only way to survive.

“A brilliant piece of science fiction. I love it with everything I’m made of… astoundingly good!”
Amanda Ferreira, Wattpad Content Specialist